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Defense Base Act Injury Compensation Attorney

Federal Workers’ Compensation representation for

  • Defense Base Act (DBA);

  • Non-Appropriated Funds Act (NAF);


Check our Update page for the latest information on DBA and longshore injury compensation law.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney Alan J. Shapiro helps the following injured workers to collect workers’ compensation for job related injuries and illness.

~ Defense Base Act workers (workers employed by contractors in foreign countries)
~ civilian employees of United States military bases (Non-Appropriated funds claims)

These workers face a multitude of workplace dangers. These may include injuries due to unsafe work conditions, repetitive strain injuries, illness due to prolonged exposure to hazardous materials or even death. They and their families deserve adequate workers’ compensation.

A NOTE from Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney Alan J Shapiro to injured Defense Base Act and Non-Appropriated Funds Act workers;

Dear Injured Worker,

I help civilian injured workers navigate the compensation claims process.

Let me explain my experience with this area of the law. I have been representing Longshoremen since 1962. I started by representing the shipbuilders at George Steinbrenner’s’ American Shipbuilding in Lorain Ohio. During the Viet Nam War, I represented employees of contractors injured in Asia. I began representing Non-Appropriated Funds workers employed at the Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton Ohio. Unfortunately, our country has continued to be involved in foreign wars. Civilian workers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been placed in harms way resulting in numerous serious injuries.

I began practicing workers’ compensation law with my father in 1962 and the family tradition continues with my two sons. Attorney Ronald Ferrebee of Detroit Michigan is now associated with the firm in order to provide additional litigation and settlement support.

A claimant should engage an attorney long before the inevitable conflict arises with the insurance carrier. There is no fee until there is litigation and/or the matter is settled. The attorney fee must be approved by the Government agency; therefore, the injured worker has no downside for the early retention of legal representation.

Longshore, Defense Base Act, and Non-Appropriated funds cases are a time consuming and lengthy process. Once the claim enters the arena of litigation, it becomes a major legal conflict. It is not resolved easily. It is not resolved without engaging in the full legal process.

The Federal Workers’ Compensation system is a nationwide system. State Law does not apply. This is a Federal nationwide legal system. I represent claimants throughout the United States, and in fact, throughout the world. The Federal system does not require any upfront attorney fee or expense. My firm does not accept retainers or request expenses in advance. If there is no recovery, there is no charge. The attorney fee is owed ONLY if we collect funds for you. I request that the insurance company pay the legal fee.



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